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Darren Edmonston

Job Title: Co-Founder

Time at Bushwood: 14 Years

Favourite Working Elements: I like building the relationship with new clients and maintaining the relationship with old ones. Many of my clients are now good friends both inside and outside the office!

Out of the Office: Is there a world outside?! On my brief visits to the real world they are usually enjoyed with friends in the pub, the girlfriend under orders or playing snooker.

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Julie Whitelaw

Job Title: Company Secretary, Partners PA, office manager and debt collector

Time at Bushwood: 9 Years!!

Favourite Working Elements: Interacting with clients face to face.

Out of the Office: I love the weekends ... suddenly I become the Boss!

Jamie Quy email link

Jamie Quy

Job Title: Senior Manager

Time at Bushwood: 7 Years

Favourite Working Elements: Account finalisation and client relations.

Out of the Office: I'm a keen football fan, a social cricketer and play golf when I can (handicap is an apt word!).

Julie Whitelaw email link

Sarah Horsnell

Job Title: Company Bookkeeper & Trainee Accounts Technician

Time at Bushwood: 5 years

Favourite Working Elements: Really enjoy bookkeeping and going to clients.

Out of the Office: My main hobby is maintaining my allotment, which I have had for 2 years.

Sarah Horsnell email link

Diane Wilson

Job Title: AAT Qualified, Trainee Accountant

Time at Bushwood: 3 years, 4 months

Favourite Working Elements: I like solving problems! I like working directly with clients and then optimising their books and accounts using Viztopia and Sage.

Out of the Office: I enjoy horse riding and attend show jumping competitions frequently. I love socialising and enjoy voicing my opinion!